Powerful Partnerships: Collaboration, Chemistry and Reaching for the Clouds.

Dynamic Duos. 

Lennon and McCartney, Fred and Ginger, The Lone Ranger and Tonto, Batman and Robin, Laverne and Shirley. Friends. Partners. Collaborators. Whatever the case, they each made the other better – more productive and effective. They were simply better together.

Sure, we may be dating ourselves a bit with these particular pairs, but we’re especially stuck on old TV series ever since booking Community Beer Company for our upcoming seminar on cloud-based phone systems. I guess it’s the brewery connection and the conversation we were having about friendship and great partners, but we managed to get the theme song to Laverne and Shirley stuck in our head.  We’ve been singing “schlemiel, schlemazel” for days!

laverne and shirley collage

And while Laverne and Shirley popped into our heads because of the brewery tour, we’re certainly not the only ones to consider them one of pop culture’s best pairings. Online magazine Vulture pegs them for one really important reason: chemistry.

Collaboration and Chemistry. 

The ability to collaborate well – to get along well and work well together – really does in part come down to chemistry. Having the right partner makes all the difference. The right partner not only allows you to focus on your strengths and shine, they increase your confidence. When you know someone has your back you can take it easy.

At AgilityCG, we value great partners. That’s why we work with an industry leader like Avaya. Our partnership with Avaya allows us to offer our customers more of the tools and resources they need for their communication systems.   Their partnership with us is a testament to our strengths as well. Great service and the ability to in turn to treat our clients like partners. To forge long-term powerful relationships with them. 

At AgilityCG, we value great partners. That’s why we work with an industry leader like Avaya.

Reach for the clouds. 

The other thing great partners do is push us past our comfort zone. They help us soar to new heights. With your trusty teammate you aren’t afraid to reach for the clouds. As your partner, it’s part of our role to provide insight into changes in the world of communication technology and help push you forward to give you the best competitive edge in order to reach new heights in your business.

We don’t want you to have to think about how your phone system works, only that your partner, AgilityCG, ensures that it does.

So that you can do what you do best – run your business and focus on growth.


Right now, we’re encouraging all the clients we collaborate with to quite literally reach for the clouds! Cloud-based phone systems are the right next step for many of our clients. We want our customers to get out of their comfort zone – move away from the onsite phone system closet – and start accessing the freedom of the cloud.

Cloud-based phone systems might sound complicated, but our AgilityONTAP solution uses cloud-based VOIP to provide a flexible phone system without the hardware, maintenance and investment that premise based telephony usually involves. And AgilityONTAP offers tremendous scalability and functionality. Not to mention reliability and true redundancy, often at a cost-savings. AgilityONTAP is powered by our partner, Avaya. All your tried and true Avaya IP Office functions work with your phone when and where you need it.

Taking it Easy Together.

As your communications collaborator, we want you to be able to Take It EasyThe only downtime you should be worrying about is what to do when you aren’t working! At the end of the day, enjoying spending time with your partner and having some fun are also important. One thing Lavern and Shirley did was laugh. We’d love you to have the chance to come relax and learn and do something interesting together.

agility ontap collage invite

And, besides, who doesn’t like a little field trip? Here’s your permission slip to pour on the knowledge and the fun! While we’ll be talking business for a bit, we’ll also be learning about the brewery process, Dallas’ budding reputation in the craft beer scene, and we’ll have a private tour and tasting.

Come join us Community Beer Company on April 20th to learn more about how we can collaborate and how your company can Take It Easy with cloud-based telephony. Mix and mingle and have some fun. We’re betting you’ll leave singing “schlemiel, schlimazel, Hasenpfeffer Incorporated, ready to reach for the cloud!

For directions and to register for #AgiltiyONTAP click here.