Agility ONTAP: The Perfectly Crafted Cloud-Based Solution

agility ONTAP


Communications are essential to all businesses, and luckily, Agility has created a solution that ensures your systems stay up, allowing you to focus on your company’s priorities. Agility ONTAP is a hosted option that eliminates downtime through a reliable, private cloud with true redundancy. Your business will have all the function of a premised-based phone system, but the added benefits of    increased security, flexibility, and Agility’s expertise.

If your business has ever experienced a phone system outage, then you know how frustrating it can be to handle getting things up and running again. In addition, downtime comes with a cost that affects not only your company’s bottom line, but also your customer relationships and employee morale.


This Cloud-based solution is for YOU

With ONTAP, advanced software allows you and your employees to connect from any place at any time, and Agility handles all of the maintenance, keeping systems up to date and behind the scenes. And, because, the system will be mirrored in multiple locations, you can rest assured it will stay up and running.

Some additional benefits ONTAP clients enjoy include hassle-free phone service, industry-leading communications technology from Avaya, private access and private virtualized applications for each client, features such as twinning, mobile apps, and softphones, collaboration tools like IM, presence, and conferencing, and contact center solutions like call reporting and recording.

And, there’s no need to worry about the transition to a new system. Agility is known for making the conversion process smooth, with expert teams that assist in porting numbers and providing exceptional installation.


Maintain Your Focus with Agility ONTAP

Contact us today to learn more about Agility ONTAP and how it can save your company time and money. We’ll deliver the exceptional benefits and expertise, and you’ll focus on what matters most.

Think outside the box with Avaya IP Office Virtualized Server Edition

Ready to think outside the box?
by Lindsay Lorenz

phoneCommunications technology is evolving rapidly, allowing us to be connected in more ways than ever, and with less effort. So, why are some of us still dialing in to check voicemail or feeling chained to our desks when we’re expecting a call? And why, in this day and age, do our clients still receive a busy signal when we’re on the other line?

You’ve probably thought about upgrading your phone system at some point, but maybe the idea of having to replace all of the related hardware you’ve invested in sounds expensive and complicated. Well, it’s time to stop feeling boxed in and start thinking outside of the box.

With Avaya IP Office Virtualized Server Edition, you can get the upgrades you want with the savings your business needs. This scalable solution allows users to manage their phone systems through one easy-to-use web interface, with the benefits of centralized management and licensing for all users across multiple locations. And, you can even run the software using your existing hardware or take advantage of Agility’s ONTAP hosted offering.

Not to mention, virtualizing allows you to put multiple servers on one physical device, which means additional savings on hardware and maintenance.


Benefits of going virtual
Whether you have 25 users or 2,500, if you go virtual, you can expect high application availability, little to no downtime, and increased productivity and efficiency. Other benefits include the ability to speed up and simplify application and resource provisioning, plus tools to support business continuity and disaster recovery.

With Avaya IP Office Virtualized Server Edition, you’ll also get the features your business needs to stay competitive in today’s market, including conferencing and mobile applications, like Avaya one-X Mobile, which allows you to connect your mobile to the phone system as an extension, so you have the peace of mind that you won’t miss that important call while you’re on the go. You’ll also receive voicemail to email features, so no need to reset your voicemail pin when you forget it. And, the product’s softphone feature with instant messaging capabilities allows you to check in with co-workers without having to look up their extension.


Next steps
If you’re ready to learn more about how Avaya IP Office Virtualized Server Edition can benefit your business, contact Agility today. We’re here to get you thinking out of the box.