Healthcare Solutions

Improve the patient experience with advanced communications and collaboration

Across the shifting healthcare landscape, patient expectations are changing along with regulatory requirements, placing new demands on healthcare providers. Busy schedules and rising costs make it difficult for many people to make and keep doctor’s appointments. Patients accustomed to mobile devices and always-on access want the same choices during their healthcare interactions. Providers dealing with the multiple health concerns of an aging population—and the complexities and limitations of insurance coverage—may find it challenging to collaborate with the care team and coordinate treatment plans.

From clinics to hospital systems, Avaya can help you deliver connected patient experiences at every stage of the patient care cycle. Our integrated solutions for mobility, collaboration, telemedicine, contact center, and networking can enable you to streamline workflows, enhance clinical productivity, maintain data and network security, and improve patient satisfaction.

Avaya solutions for healthcare providers can help you:

  • Improve care team coordination by mobilizing staff and improving collaboration
  • Deliver better patient experiences with mobility, telemedicine, and proactive patient outreach
  • Improve care team utilization through automation and collaboration via telemedicine and virtual healthcare
  • Improve security and protect data while keeping it accessible with a network that segments guest Wi-Fi access, medical devices, and payment systems