Make life a little easier with Auto Pay.

Choose which option works best for you, and relax, knowing that your bill is taken care of each month.

Set up a free Basic Payables account through

1. In the email received from AgilityCG, click Pay Invoice Electronically
2. Create a password, and make the other required selections

  • For a free Basic Payables account, select Business
  • As an individual/consumer, we recommend selecting Individual
  • Agree to terms of service

3. Click Sign up
4. The bill clicked on from the email will appear, click Pay
5. Click Add Bank Account or Credit Card
6. Complete company profile required for account setup
7. Click Continue
8. Enter account details
9. Click Save

Set up Auto Pay through (ACH or Credit Card)

1. Log in to your Basic Payables account
2. Hover over the gear icon and then click Auto Pay is Off
3. Click the edit icon
4. Select Automatically Pay Bills
5. Enter the maximum to pay for any individual bill
6. Enter any additional bank account and/or credit card details
7. Optional: Pay on date - Enter how many days before or after the due date the payment should initiate
8. Click Save

***3 business days before an invoice's pay date (either the due date, or the number of days before/after
the due date as specified in the Auto Payments settings), you will get a reminder email and the payment
will be scheduled.

***If the due date is a holiday or weekend, payment will be initiated on the next business day.

***Automatic payments will be made on unpaid invoices with no previous payments (including voided or
cancelled payments), up to the maximum amount. *Credits are considered a payment, and auto-pay will
not kick in.*

***Multiple unpaid invoices will be grouped together into one charge.

Please return the appropriate Authorization Form for the Auto Pay option you have selected (ACH or Credit

 Authorization for ACH Payments

Authorization for Credit Card Payments