Agility ONTAP: The Perfectly Crafted Cloud-Based Solution

  Communications are essential to all businesses, and luckily, Agility has created a solution that ensures your systems stay up, allowing you to focus on your company’s priorities. Agility ONTAP is a hosted option that eliminates downtime through a reliable, private cloud with true redundancy. Your business will have all the function of a premised-based phone system, but the added … Read More

Think outside the box with Avaya IP Office Virtualized Server Edition

Ready to think outside the box? by Lindsay Lorenz Communications technology is evolving rapidly, allowing us to be connected in more ways than ever, and with less effort. So, why are some of us still dialing in to check voicemail or feeling chained to our desks when we’re expecting a call? And why, in this day and age, do our … Read More

Training for Avaya IP Office

Sharpen your skills with one of our monthly or quarterly Avaya IP Office training opportunities. Learn how to effectively use your IP Office system so you can be more productive no matter where you are or when you need to communicate. To access our recorded webinars please visit us on YouTube: AgilityCG YouTube Channel IP Office Agility Insights Interactive Webinar … Read More

AgilityCG ONTAP is now serving the perfectly Crafted Cloud Solution

  AgilityCG is now providing the most reliable cloud solution for telephony through our ONTAP cloud offerings. AgilityCG has had long, successful history of providing premise solutions for AVAYA, and we are now extending this experience with our highly reliable ONTAP Solution. We differ from our competitors in the way we offer a private cloud solution with true redundancy.   … Read More