Empower Remote Workers - The Future Is Now

Last spring, Avaya launched us all into the new realm of their latest software, Release 11 (R11). And what can be said except...wow!

Think of the paradigm shifts that are taking place; our world changes so fast it can be hard to stay relevant.
Rest assured, Agility will be compiling the most noteworthy developments and what they mean, and we’ll be sharing them with you right here!

I have conducted several webinars on the new release and am still learning things each week (see our YouTube page).
Let's quickly discuss three things, thematically, that R11 has revealed to us about our lives & our world.

Remote workers
Getting work done used to mean that we would buckle-down in an office. Bad lighting; constant interruption; daily commute concerns.
However, satellite employees are becoming more and more common.
And that creates a need to keep your people connected and effective at what they do.
Naturally, we want to maintain our office-like feeling. No one wants to be that guy who is hundreds of miles away and has no relationship with co-workers and teammates.
Enter Agility Communications and Avaya’s R11 platform.
A recent webinar, below, features the R11 solution for just this scenario – Avaya Equinox! If you’ve ever considered utilizing a remote worker environment, please take a few minutes and watch what Equinox has available. Equinox is quite simply a one-stop-shop for corporate communication: email, instant-messaging, video conferencing, calendars, contact directory, and voice-calls all built into a singular application.

Count the Cost
Overhead and resource management: the primary concerns for all business owners.
How do we maximize our profits, keep customers happy, all while ensuring a pleasant work-environment that also keeps employees happy?

It’s no secret that bad/dated technology creates grouchy workers. To borrow the phrase from Stanley Kubrick, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”
Giving your team the tools needed to not only succeed but feel empowered by what they’re doing and what they’re using…. that is truly magical.
Well, this idea ties right into our point above regarding Avaya’s Equinox application.

Gone are the days of needing an office-space to house your business.
Overhead costs can be reduced if a brick-and-mortar office can be viewed as a legacy item.
Agility’s webinar series “Agility Insight” which we’ve started this spring, one of our topics was designed to address this need specifically.
Implementing R11 into your work environment increases your ability to

  • Manage your resources (co-workers, agents, etc.)
  • Review detailed, measurable call reports
  • Eliminate non-essential business travel via enterprise conferencing options
  • Balance work-home metrics with mobility solutions (apps that travel and can be installed on ANY device!)

The time to revamp your phone system and cut costs is certainly now. Below is a webinar that will certainly provide you some detail as to how this can happen.

Security – Mission Critical
According to the FBI, small and medium businesses are the largest and most-affected targets of toll fraud.
Toll fraud can earn malicious hackers billions of dollars a year and causes more monetary damages than credit card fraud and even identity theft.
So naturally, business owners and network administrators want to know what can be done.
As your business partner in managing your voice network, Agility is mindful of many best-practice methods as well as devices, protocols and system settings, all of which must be respected and implemented in an effort to maintain top-notch system security.
Once again, R11’s hardware releases and subsequent protocols to be used on that hardware mandate a higher level of security in the past should we want to take advantage of the above-mentioned remote capabilities that allow for cost reductions.
There is no shortage of horror-stories that can be found online regarding system breaches that financially crippled small and medium-sized businesses, sometimes to the point of bankruptcy.
So the question must be asked: how willing would those bankrupt companies be to make a capital investment in securing their business solutions after-the-fact? Probably all of them.
Please review our recent webinar below to learn about the seriousness of voice-network security.
You will learn the dangers and you will learn the responsible, pro-active measures we take at Agility to ensure that no hackers will be able to waltz into your system.