Financial Services Solutions

Build Customer Loyalty and Increase Profitability

Customers now expect the same kind of always-on, anywhere, anytime access they enjoy on their computers and mobile devices – as well as the ease of use and fast responses they are now used to having when shopping and doing other activities online.

So how do you create satisfied customers?

Customers want you to know who they are and what they want—and be able to meet their needs. When you can do that, you can create customers for life.

Your goal is to deliver a connected customer experience in every interaction. Avaya has the solutions to enable you to make that a reality.

Here are some examples:

  1. Solutions to enhance face-to-face customer interactions in the branch, and to help staff communicate and collaborate in the branch and back office
  2. Self-service solutions for inbound calling to the Contact Center or branch
  3. Online solutions to make Web interactions easier and more personal
  4. Social media solutions to help you proactively monitor how customers are talking about you and respond quickly to social media mentions
  5. Contact Center solutions like intelligent routing, to get customers to the right person quickly, and presence, to enable agents to reach experts quickly when needed
  6. Mobile applications, like automated SMS text messages such as fraud alerts or balance notifications
  7. And proactive outbound communications, such as automated “payment due” reminders


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Healthcare Solutions

Improve the patient experience with advanced communications and collaboration

Across the shifting healthcare landscape, patient expectations are changing along with regulatory requirements, placing new demands on healthcare providers. Busy schedules and rising costs make it difficult for many people to make and keep doctor's appointments. Patients accustomed to mobile devices and always-on access want the same choices during their healthcare interactions. Providers dealing with the multiple health concerns of an aging population—and the complexities and limitations of insurance coverage—may find it challenging to collaborate with the care team and coordinate treatment plans.

From clinics to hospital systems, Avaya can help you deliver connected patient experiences at every stage of the patient care cycle. Our integrated solutions for mobility, collaboration, telemedicine, contact center, and networking can enable you to streamline workflows, enhance clinical productivity, maintain data and network security, and improve patient satisfaction.

Avaya solutions for healthcare providers can help you:

  • Improve care team coordination by mobilizing staff and improving collaboration
  • Deliver better patient experiences with mobility, telemedicine, and proactive patient outreach
  • Improve care team utilization through automation and collaboration via telemedicine and virtual healthcare
  • Improve security and protect data while keeping it accessible with a network that segments guest Wi-Fi access, medical devices, and payment systems


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Avaya works with law firms around the world to help them take advantage of the Avaya IP Office communications system.

Specifically designed for the needs of today’s small and mid-size law firm, Avaya IP Office provides a single, compact solution with a wide range of capabilities that can be cus­tomized to the specific needs of your firm.

Some key benefits:

  • With one number access, today’s busy lawyers can be reached whether they are in their office, headed to court, or anywhere in-between, and personal cell phone numbers remain private. Clients only need to remember one number.
  • In any law firm, a major portion of all billing is for work performed over the phone. Accounting for phone time can be a challenge—particularly when mobile phones are involved. Avaya IP Office makes it easy. IP Office can gather the information automatically and provide you with regular reports you can use directly with clients. Because calls are routed through the IP Office system, all calls are accounted for.
  • Call recording is critical in a law firm. IP Office makes it simple to record calls when necessary and also to file and retrieve those calls, listen to them through a PC and also quickly scan them for important portions of conversations and distribute them via e-mail.
  • IP Office makes it easy to get all the parties on the line using its built-in private, secure conference bridge. Attorneys can instantly set up a conference call anytime, anywhere, using any phone. Because IP Office provides two 64-port conference bridges, your firm can have multiple conference calls occurring simultaneously.


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