Alex Funicello-Paul

Alex Funicello-Paul
Job title: Engineering Architect
Birthplace: Providence, RI
Alma mater: University of Rhode Island
Favorite thing about your job: That I enjoy it
If you were an alcoholic beverage, what would it be: Bourbon
If you could travel anywhere in the next hour, where would you go: New Zealand
Guilty pleasure web site:
What do you do to get away from it all: Ride my motorcycle, hike or snowboard
Favorite home-cooked meal: Grilled steak with roasted vegetables and potatoes

Alex Funicello-Paul is a part of the Agility team that focuses on large systems engineering. He helps to design and recommend new architectures for voice, video and data networks. Prior to joining Agility, Alex worked as an engineer responsible for handling high priority system downs, system upgrades, and system patching for AVAYA systems. Alex has been working on large, voice system networks for the past 6 years as both a support and installation engineer.

Alex graduated with an electrical engineering degree from the University of Rhode Island and enjoys snowboarding, motorcycling, kayaking, and hiking when he is not installing new phone systems.