Carley Taglieri

Carley Taglieri
Job title: Solutions Consultant
Birthplace: Dallas, TX
Alma mater: University of Texas – HOOK EM!
Favorite thing about your job: Working with people (customers and team) and solving problems.
Favorite high school past-time: Hanging out with friends at the lake, cheerleading, sports
Guilty pleasure movie: Top Gun
If you were an alcoholic beverage, what would it be: Ice cold Mexican beer with a lime
If you could travel anywhere in the next hour, where would you go: Italy
What do you do to get away from it all: Get outside – either taking in nature solo or relaxing with friends and family
Favorite home-cooked meal: Spaghetti and meatballs
Number 1 thing you want to do before dying: Learn to ballroom dance
Ultimate pet-peeve: Bad drivers
Celebrity crush, now or then: Matthew McConaughey
If you could call in sick one day, what would you do: (Besides being sick): sleep in, lunch with a friend, relax on my patio

Carley Taglieri joins Agility Communications Group as a Solutions Consultant where she will focus on working closely with customers to solve issues and meet their needs.  Carley brings over 10 years of experience with account and operations management.  She was previously the Vice President of Operations for AdminMonitor, Inc., providing video solutions for large state agencies and boards.  Previously Carley was a member of the sales and marketing teams at Vignette Corporation, helping to solve business content management needs.  Carley earned a Corporate Communications degree from The University of Texas at Austin.