Nicole Borsak

Nicole Borsak
Job title: Accountant
Birthplace: Garland, TX
Alma mater: Texas A&M Univ. – GIG ‘EM!
Favorite thing about your job: Flexibility and being able to work with people from all over.
Phobias: Heights!!
Guilty pleasure movie: The Proposal
If you could travel anywhere in the next hour, where would you go: Greece or Australia
Ultimate pet-peeve: When homonyms are used incorrectly (your vs. you’re, there vs. their, to vs. two vs. too, etc.)
Celebrity crush, now or then: Ryan Reynolds

Nicole assists with daily accounting activities at Agility. She received her BBA in Accounting from Texas A&M University and is a CPA.  She has worked with various companies and their employees on a variety of tax issues relating to employees living abroad, relocation and visa requirements and payroll tax implications.

Nicole took some time away from the corporate world and home-schooled her 2 daughters for a couple of years.  Now that they are back in public school, she enjoys attending the sporting events her kids are involved with (currently drill team and volleyball), spending time with family & friends and snow skiing!