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VOIP Solutions – Cloud or Premise Based

Agility ONTAP

Agility ONTAP Solution Powered by Avaya

Agility ONTAP is a Cloud-based Contact Center and Unified Communications solution, built on Avaya’s proven IP Office technology, managed by AgilityCG in our own data centers. The solution is delivered as a monthly subscription, easily scaled to meet demand. We provide seamless IP telephony/voice, and video and mobile applications. And for the contact center, get powerful, affordable multichannel functionality for voice, email and web chat.

Agility ONTAP provides all of the functionality of a premised based system, plus it is hosted in the cloud. Key benefits of Agility ONTAP vs other hosted solutions:

  • Private Virtualized Voice Cloud – your own instance; server not shared with other companies providing a secure environment
  • Complete Redundancy – multiple connections between our data centers, the circuit providers, and your location
  • Remote and Work at Home Options – full offering of features like cellphone one number connect, mobile apps, and softphones, ensure that your workers are always available when you need them, eliminates downtime, and reduces commute times
  • Voice Circuit and Voice Application Management – we work with the network providers for you
  • Web Management – we maintain your system remotely and ensure your software is up-to-date
  • More Collaboration Features – IM, Presence, and Meet Me Conferencing allows employees and clients to connect and share information instantly
  • Robust Contact Center Solutions – call reporting, call recording, callback messaging, skills-based routing, CRM integration for screen pop and more

 We are Experts at Making it a Smooth Transition to the Cloud

Our Professional Services team members are experts at configuring and customizing your new cloud-based system.  We have done thousands of deployments by using a combination of experienced project managers, skilled engineers and talented trainers. Count on our Professional Services team to:

  • Move at your speed, deploying within 60 days (or even quicker if needed)
  • Design a solution that works with your current and future needs
  • Be your key resource through every step – assist you in bringing specificity to your requirements
  • Ensure that your solution is tested and thoroughly functional to bring the maximum benefit
  • Provide Comprehensive Training so you can use your invest to its full potential

Why Move Business Commmunications to Cloud

Avaya IP Office Phone System

As the premier premise based solution, the Avaya IP Office Phone System uses powerful communication technologies to accomplish the complex communications of large businesses without the extensive costs. Avaya's core technologies and key services are built around pulling teams together. It's why they provide more context and more tools for sharing more ideas – regardless of the device, location or form of communication. Whether you're connecting by text, voice or video, Avaya provides collaboration solutions that bring talented individuals together to form exceptional teams – teams that collaborate faster, make smarter decisions and drive better business results.

Businesses of all sizes
Avaya's IP Office is packed with features and functionalities that keep the system flexible, scalable, and includes many built-in options:

  • Complete voice and data communications
  • Avaya IP Office works on smart phone, tablet, laptop, home or office phone
  • Built-in voice messaging and call center capability
  • Supports single and multiple site networks (Network up to 32 locations)
  • Scalable to 2000 users
  • One number access, twinning, call forwarding, conference calling and much, much more
  • Improve customer interactions with the ability to track, record and report on all calls
  • Connect in real time
  • Ability to integrate with other programs like Microsoft Office,, and Microsoft Lync

Cost Efficient

  • Easy to scale – Simply upgrade your software and add additional hardware and/or licenses to increase capacity. No need to overhaul your existing IP Office system.
  • Built-in and secure conference bridge and call recording means no additional fee required.
  • Lower mobile phone and long distance bills with VoIP.
  • Control costs by reducing or eliminating the need for travel with real time connectivity and video conference features.

Whether you're connecting by text, voice or video, Avaya provides collaboration solutions that bring talented individuals together to form exceptional teams – teams that collaborate faster, make smarter decisions and drive better business results.


Contact Center Solutions

ACR\Xima Chronicall Contact Center


Skills-Based Routing:

Xima Contact Center provides skills-based routing for the IP Office. You can easily create skills and assign certain agents in those skills. You can also rank each agent’s expertise on certain skills from 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest level of expertise and 10 being the highest. In addition, you also get to choose what pattern you want your incoming calls to ring in. Contact Center offers five different patterns that you can select.

Web Chat:

Web Chat is a chat box that appears on your website so your customers can chat with a real agent on the receiving end. Agents can customize their messages for greetings, endings, etc. They can also, send screenshots over the chat box to help answer the customer’s questions. Agents can also select from canned messages, which are pre-written responses the supervisor can set up. An agent can also transfer the customer to another agent to chat to if they would have more information than the initial agent can provide. When answering a customer’s question, agents also have the option to send clickable help links, as well as request to see a screenshot of the customer's web page to assist in answering.

Contact Center Agent Client:

Contact Center Agent Client (CCAC) is a software solution that provides desktop functionality for Skills-Based agents using Chronicall. CCAC provides agents their own personalized display and allows agents to log in and out of their channels, skills, and enable CC-DND from a single interface.

CCAC can be enabled as a WebRTC softphone or used in a desktop mode whereby the agents still use their desk phone for call activity and CCAC as their contact center tool.

  • WebRTC and Desktop Mode:
  • Personalized Display
  • Single Pane of Glass
  • Reason and Account Codes
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Screen Pop

Queue Callback

This aspect of Contact Center gives customers the option on the phone to stay in the line, reserve an agent, or leave their number and have you call back when they’re first in line. These options are also known as Queue Callback strategies. Depending on the Queue Callback strategy, the caller can cancel their place in line, snooze the agent, or accept the call.

Supervisor Experience

Chronicall provides supervisors the unique experience of accessing reports for their contact center, reporting for the office staff (call accounting), and recording of all agents within the same interface. There are over 60 standard reports for supervisors to select from, run on demand or have scheduled to run. The reports can be exported to five different formats including PDF, EXCEL, CSV, HTML, and JSON.

All call data that you can see on a report can also be seen live with Realtime Wallboards. This feature allows you to customize a visual display so that you can view your personalized call data in real time. This means you can view your agents' call statistics such as their accepted and missed call count, their average speed of answer, their total call summary and the agent's current state. You can also monitor your skills and queue in real time, receiving real time alerts.

Within the Supervisor View, supervisors can see and manage all skills and agents effectively and efficiently. Supervisors can easily customize the skill and agent metrics that matter to their team and the business, see the current states of their agents (i.e., if they’re logged in, on Do Not Disturb and the appropriate busy reason code, or on a contact center call), and manage their agents’ states such as taking an agent on or off of Do Not Disturb. Supervisors can also see which calls are in queue and assign them to agents who are ready.

Avaya Aura Contact Center

Avaya Aura Contact Center delivers capabilities that help enterprises and organizations improve customer satisfaction, increase revenues and profitability, enhance agent and supervisor productivity while reducing CAPEX (capital expenses) and OPEX (operational expense) costs. Avaya Aura Contact Center addresses the needs of many stakeholders including the line-of-business manager, contact center manager, IS/IT manager and agents.

Following are some of the key capabilities:

  • Unified agent desktop: Avaya Aura Agent Desktop allows agents to simultaneously handle multiple contacts of various media types
  • Unified agent desktop: The ability to offer flexible, at-home teleworking arrangements; allows contact center managers to hire the best agents, motivate them, improve performance and reduce agent turnover
  • Proactive interaction: Outbound dialing enables enterprises and organizations to utilize their agents for revenue generating activities
  • Out-of-the-Box Screen Pops: Avaya Aura Contact Center offers integration with many popular CRM solutions including
  • Unified Reporting: On-board reporting with standard or customized, tabular and graphical, historical and real time displays with dynamic filtering provide easy-to-read information on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), contact summaries and consolidated reports
  • Simplified administration: Common, web-based administration for contact center supervisors and managers reduces configuration complexity, eliminates duplication, and reduces errors while lowering implementation time and cost
  • Open standards based solution
  • Virtual contact center that scales
  • Enhanced security and authentication
  • Reliability
  • Virtualization
  • Social media integration

Vuesion Contact Center

Vuesion, with its single application architecture, provides skills based routing, call/screen recording, blended multichannel routing, database integration, outdial campaigns, auto dialer, IVR, presence, real time and historical analytics and reporting.

Contact Center Select
Highly scalable, robust contact center with skills-based routing, delay announcements with opt-out of queue. Web based software provides real time presence and wallboard for all agents and supervisors. Start with an Essentials package that includes a robust, skills-based, intelligent routing engine and flexible hold announcements, with position in queue, average hold time and opt-out options. Advanced options can be added "a la carte," including e-mail queuing, CRM integration, callback queuing, auto outdial campaigns and trunk side/SIP call recording.

Agent Productivity
Increase speed to resolution by integrating the customer’s database with Vuesion for smart routing and call coordinated screen pop. Agents with softphones can work from anywhere.

Customer Experience
While in a queue, callers are presented with an option to leave a callback number and exit the queue without losing their position in the queue. As soon as an agent becomes available, a callback is automatically initiated.

The Vuesion agent & supervisor user interface provides all productivity tools necessary to run an efficient call center. With the web-based software, agents and supervisors can work seamlessly from the office or remotely.

Vuesion Contact Center software runs on standard servers, standard operating systems and standard SIP protocols, and is scalable from five to 250 agents.

Collaboration Solutions

Avaya Spaces

Avaya Spaces is a cloud-based team collaboration and meeting app. It seamlessly integrates voice, video, tasks, sharing and more into one app you can access anywhere. Use it on your laptop at work, your tablet at home, or your phone on-the-go.



Avaya Workplace Client

The Avaya Workplace Client solution embeds communications directly into the applications, browsers and devices your employees use every day to create a single, powerful gateway for calling, messaging, conferencing and collaboration.  Free people from their desktop and give them a more natural and efficient way to connect, communicate and share—when, where and how they want.

Avaya IX Workplace:

  • Use one app for all communications
  • Keep everyone in touch and reachable
  • Collaborate from any web-based device


LifeSize HD Video

LifeSize HD Video has many solutions available to help your business collaborate anytime, anywhere. Stream HD quality video live or on demand. View from more devices such as an iPhone®, iPad® or iPod®. You are no longer restricted to a laptop or desktop. Enjoy automatic adaptive streaming, added storage, and API support.

To learn more about LifeSize solutions, view the LifeSize Express or Team 200 information sheets below. Additionally, read about the seamless integration between Avaya Aura and LifeSize in the LifeSize information sheet:

LifeSize Icon Smart Video systems

LifeSize Icon is a line of Smart Video systems, which gives attendees a video conference experience that is intuitive, full of features, scalable and simple to use with no training necessary.

Spend more time meeting, sharing data and ideas, and utilizing your precious time at work. Don't waste another minute setting up a meeting, connecting to your video conference, finding a meeting number or calling your IT for help.

With a click of a button, you can set up a meeting or join one. Easily find contacts by name not number. Search for meetings or join one on-demand within seconds. It works how you want it. Discover more benefits about LifeSize Icon for your business.

Network Solutions

Agility Networks Solution

One of your biggest expenses as an organization is your re-occurring monthly network expense. The Agility Networks Solution team will help you manage these expenses more efficiently.

The Agility Networks Solution team takes the time to analyze your expenses by looking at your phone lines, internet, and data connections. Once we have completed this research, our team will provide recommendations to improve your bandwidth, line efficiency and in many cases reduce your costs.

The Agility Networks Solution team will put together a comprehensive plan to show you how your bandwidth will improve across all locations while connecting employees together with your VoIP Solutions. Once the plan has been accepted, Agility’s project management teams will help to make these changes transparent to your organization. Ultimately our clients benefit because the Agility Network team finds the best providers and rates available.

Here are the areas where we can assist you:







Cloud Storage


Co-Location Space



Recording and Reporting Solutions

Avaya Call Reporting

Avaya Call Reporting for IP Office, started out as a simple call event monitoring application, but it has evolved into an all-purpose call history, call recording, and real-time reporting software suite. ACR offers revolutionary features designed to overcome the limitations of traditional call history and reporting software, and it does so by connecting directly to your phone system and logging everything that happens on each call, from the moment it starts to the second it ends. With a simple and attractive interface, a flexible licensing model, and little to no phone system configuration required, ACR is easy to deploy and scale.

Standard Reports:

With over 60+ reports, charts, and graphs that are ready for you to report on your data, there is no shortage of data found within ACR Standard Reports. Avaya understands that collecting information is only as valuable as your ability to find and analyze it. With each ACR installation detailed data is being collected and stored in a way that is easy to retrieve and view. We have built over 40 different reports so you can truly understand what’s happening on the phones. These reports can show you detailed information about each call. You can also run summary reports showing you quickly the information you need, or perhaps you wish to report overtime using one of our many time interval reports. We have separated our reports into filters so you can find the report that best fits your needs quickly. Report filters include:

  • Agent / Extension Reports
  • Group Reports
  • External Number / Caller ID Reports
  • Call Direction
  • Call Costing
  • Time Interval
  • Trunk

We understand that there are a lot of different reporting options for you to choose. However, one of the most unique aspects of ACR is our Cradle to Grave program and Call Detailed View that allows for a greater in depth look into your reports. These programs allow you to view every detail about each call in  chronological order. The layout can be customized to fit your company’s needs and you can filter the data to only show the specific calls you are looking for. You can use Cradle to Grave or Call Detailed View to verify our reports to ensure their accuracy. You can also use these programs to troubleshoot the phone system to ensure calls are being routed to the appropriate destination.

Custom Reports:

You know your business better than we do, so we have made it easy to make custom reports for your unique information that isn't covered in our Standard Reports.

Xima Software spent a lot of time creating their Standard Reports. They wanted to provide a solution that would fit the needs of most businesses. However, we realize that we couldn’t create the perfect reports that fit every company’s needs. We also understand that you know your business better than we do. That is why we created our Custom Reports Module. ACRl’s custom report creator is easy to and allows anyone to create custom reports in minutes. You don’t need to know Crystal Reports, or be a developer. You just follow the step by step report wizard and it will allow to you build a report on the criteria that fits your business needs. First you choose your report type. Currently, ACR allows for the following types of reports:

  • Agent
  • Account Code
  • Call Direction
  • Call Detailed Report
  • Caller ID / External Number
  • Event Type
  • Feature Type
  • Group
  • Local Number / DDI
  • System Report
  • Time Interval
  • Trunk

After you select the report type you are presented with all of ACR’s default values. You can select the appropriate values, and you can also apply filters to help you pinpoint the exact information you need. Every aspect of the report’s layout and function, including the report summaries you want to display, the order of the columns, how the report is sorted, and charts and graphs are all available options found within the custom reports wizard.

Some additional highlights and features of the Custom Reports module include the ability to be notified if a threshold is hit found within one of your custom reports. You can also change the look and feel of the reports which allows you to brand the report to fit the look and feel of your company. Lastly, with so many options and settings available, we understand that some users might need additional assistance creating their reports.

Recording Library:

Automatically catalogs recorded calls and makes them ready to listen.

Don’t let anything come between you and the accurate call recordings your business relies on. Call Recording is the best modern tool that allows managers to improve employee performance without changing any business processes. By having this information integrated within ACR’s Cradle to Grave Application you are provided all the information you will need in order to evaluate your employee’s performance. ACR provides multiple recording options supported between their different platforms. Found throughout all of these options are the different recording rules customers can deploy to ensure they only record the calls they want to record. Recording rule types:

  • Extension
  • Group
  • Incoming Phone Number
  • External Numbers
  • Manual Recording
  • Percentages

IP Office Media Manager

Call Recording Search and Replay


Many businesses record interactions with customers, suppliers and other third parties. These interactions include enormous amounts of valuable information and insight. If this is easily made available to the right people in your business, it can help you improve the service you offer to your customers while improving operational efficiency and business effectiveness. Avaya IP Office Media Manager, available through VoiceMail Pro Call Recording, provides the ability to search and replay your valuable recorded interactions.


Search — Authorized users can use this browser-based application to retrieve calls based on search filters including start date/time, duration of call, name of the party calling, and the target or dialed number.

Replay — To replay recordings, simply click on the buttons next to the calls listed on your PC screen and listen through your PC soundcard. You can graphically "see" into the call using the Energy Envelope feature and rapidly identify points of interest to review, such as a prolonged silence or raised voice portions of conversations. The application points to opportunities to improve call handling or productivity.

Export — With IP Office Media Manager and the proper security, you can quickly export recordings to non-system users. The system saves recorded calls as industry standard .wav files that can be distributed to anyone who can replay the file on a workstation with a Web browser and a media player. For example, a call from one of your top sales executives that illustrates the perfect up-selling call can be sent to the rest of your sales team for training purposes.


  • Licensed module of VoiceMail Pro
  • Software-only design; no proprietary hardware required

Vuesion Call Logging and Recording Solution

Today, generating new business and retaining customers are top priorities for many companies. Personnel from sales, customer service and accounting, are at the forefront of interactions with new and existing customers. Companies continue to thrive by providing the best in all areas to increase profitability and efficiency, and decrease cost. To achieve these goals, the Vuesion® call recorder helps companies listen to their customers, identify what is working and what needs improvement. This valuable information can be shared throughout the enterprise.

  • Scalable from small groups to enterprise multi-site businesses
  • Intuitive and familiar user interface
  • Enhance customer service and provide measurable quality assurance
  • Increase employee/agent productivity with new agent training based on recorded conversations
  • Improve security with emergency numbers recording and malicious calls recording

Vuesion software runs on standard servers, standard operating systems and standard SIP protocols.