[email protected] Headset FAQ

Q: What is Triple Connectivity?

A: Triple connectivity allows for multiple devices to be connected to the headset at the same time. You can connect your desk phone, computer, and a Bluetooth device such as your cell phone to the same headset at the same time

Q: What is a DECT vs Bluetooth Headset?

A: On a business class headset DECT or Bluetooth refers to how the headset connects back to the base station. Standard Bluetooth can go up to 33 feet, while DECT can go 400+ feet.

Q: Why don’t I see a regular Bluetooth headset option?

A: We have selected business class products to ensure superior audio quality, as well as, long battery life. The Sennheiser can provide all day talk time with up to a 10 hour battery.

Q: How do I connect my cell phone to my headset?

A: The SDW 5016 is a triple connectivity headset which allows you to connect your desk phone, your PC via USB and a Bluetooth device such as your cell phone.

Q: Can I answer my desk phone from my headset?

A: Yes, with the SDW 5015/5016 + EHS cable, you are able to answer and end calls from your headset.

Q: Can I answer my front door while on a call?

A: With the SDW 5015/5016 wireless headset you can take a call up to 590 feet away with a clear line of sight. As you add walls and floors the distance will be cut down.