ACR Chronicall Realtime

Chronicall Realtime allows you to effectively manage your agents in Realtime. With Chronicall Realtime you are given three supervisor displays: Agent Timeline, Group Timeline and Realtime Stats, also known as wallboards. This is true real-time; there is no five-second refresh rate. As soon as a call comes in or an agent's status changes, Chronicall incorporates the new data into the unique Agent Timeline, Group Timeline, and Realtime wallboards. This module also allows you to track specific feature events like Agent DND/AUX/Realtime time, Group Login and Logout Time, and Idle time. This information is tracked and then recorded to the database which allows you to report historically on the agent’s performance.

With the Agent Timeline, you can see each of your agents' current activities and statuses in a simple timeline format. Unlike other reporting software that only shows what your agents are doing at the moment, the Agent Timeline leaves behind a record of each agent's behavior in the past. This gives you a contextual understanding of the data and allows you to make critical decisions with confidence and accuracy.

Accurate queue statistics are vital for efficient call center management. The Group Timeline displays these statistics for each hunt group with a set of continuously updating graphs representing the number of queued calls, the longest wait time, and the average wait time side by side. As calls enter or leave a hunt group's queue, the graphs change accordingly, giving you the knowledge you need in order to adjust your resources in real time.

With Realtime Stats you can effectively turn any screen into a wall board. Chronicall offers a number of different templates for you to use, but again we wanted to offer our customers the ability to customize these displays you can track the specific information that pertains to your company. Chronicall wallboards offer scrolling marquees, charts, graphs, text boxes, agent and group leaderboards. These widgets can contain virtual any value about your agents and groups and be customized for yourself or your entire team that looks and works like your own custom-branded software.

ACR Alerts and Triggers extends your realtime information beyond the screen. This enhanced feature allows you to be notified in the event of an emergency; maybe too many calls in queue, maybe an agent has been logged out too long, or perhaps you missed too many calls. With Alerts and Triggers you can be notified via POP Screen messages, Email, or SMS Text messages that way you can quickly take action and rectify any issues that may be occurring.