The world has changed. Organizations have to adapt to new technology that can help your employees work from anywhere. Our AgilityCG team has had over 10 years of experience in having our team members work remotely. From this experience, we created this page to help you navigate this new world.

Tools for [email protected] Success

Avaya IX Workplace Softphone for Computer

The Avaya IX Workplace solution, embeds communications directly into the applications, browsers and devices your employees use every day to create a single, powerful gateway for calling, messaging, conferencing and collaboration.  Free people from their desktop and give them a more natural and efficient way to connect, communicate and share—when, where and how they want.

Avaya IX Workplace:

  • Use one app for all communications
  • Keep everyone in touch and reachable
  • Collaborate from any web-based device

Apps that Connect you to Office from Anywhere Video


Avaya IX™ Spaces Meeting and Collaboration Tool

Avaya IX™ Spaces is a cloud-based team collaboration and meeting app. It seamlessly integrates voice, video, tasks, sharing and more into one app you can access anywhere. Use it on your laptop at work, your tablet at home, or your phone on-the-go.


Reporting that Drives Productivity

Chronicall Realtime allows you to effectively manage your agents in Realtime. With Chronicall Realtime you are given three supervisor displays: Agent Timeline, Group Timeline and Realtime Stats, also known as wallboards. This is true real-time; there is no five-second refresh rate. As soon as a call comes in or an agent's status changes, Chronicall incorporates the new data into the unique Agent Timeline, Group Timeline, and Realtime wallboards. This module also allows you to track specific feature events like Agent DND/AUX/Realtime time, Group Login and Logout Time, and Idle time. This information is tracked and then recorded to the database which allows you to report historically on the agent’s performance.


Reduce Costs with Agility Bandwith Solutions

One of your biggest expenses as an organization is your re-occurring monthly network expense. The Agility Network Solution team will help you manage these expenses more efficiently.

We take the time to analyze your expenses by looking at your phone lines, internet, and data connections. Once we have completed this research, our team will provide recommendations to improve your bandwidth, line efficiency and in many cases reduce your costs.

We will put together a comprehensive plan to show you how your bandwidth will improve across all locations while connecting employees together with your VoIP Solutions. Once the plan has been accepted, Agility’s project management teams will help to make these changes transparent to your organization. Ultimately our clients benefit because the Agility Network team finds the best providers and rates available.

Here are the areas where we can assist you:







Cloud Storage


Co-Location Space