Improved Petroleum Recovery

Wade M − IT Manager 

Improved Petroleum Recovery

I wish to thank Agility for being with us during the upgrade of our IP Office equipment. Your Sales Team was able to keep our upgrade cost to a manageable level. Having knowledge of our configuration and existing equipment eliminated purchasing equipment and services we didn't need, which demonstrated integrity and honesty, keeping us as customers for these last 10 years.
As I was working with your team in the upgrade process I got to see firsthand how much experience is needed in order to make this technology work. I was very impressed by the dedication they showed in their efforts to get everything working within the time period allocated, so as to limit the amount of time we would be without phone service.

I especially appreciate the patience shown to me as we dealt with the issues of changing to a completely new technology (new for us that is.) We have gone from an analog PBX to a Digital PBX and finally to VoIP. This last one was the most challenging one for me (I admit I tested the patience of everyone around me). To your companies credit no one made a negative remark in reply. Always polite and helpful. Thank you.

Whether I am working on Computers or Networks I hate mixing older equipment with the new. Sometimes it is necessary and I have to work through the issues. We had a bit more of our share of older equipment that we wanted to keep, bringing with it a fair share of challenges. What I appreciated the most (stress wise) was Agility's mediation between my phone company and me. Working with a major phone company is a challenge in itself. Working with one while utilizing a new service with that company can be frightful. It demonstrated the importance of a competent and skilled sales representative working for you.

All of this demonstrates Agility Communications Group as a premier installer of telephone systems.