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The customer has 5 remote branches that they communicate with several times on a daily bases. All locations had different types of phone system making administration changes difficult to provide. They were spending a significant amount on long distance between locations.


Install IP Office at all remotes sites and IP Phone at the other with VoIP trunking over a MPLS network. Now administration is completed remotely for all locations. Also, there is no long distance charges between sites.

At the time we installed the IP Office system we had 6 offices – 4 in the Dallas area, 1 in Sherman, and 1 in Longview. Each office had its own phone system and voice mail. None of the voice systems were interconnected.

Implementing the IP Office system allowed us to utilize our internal data network to improve interoffice communications. Everybody is an extension away (no long distance costs between the offices). Credit union members can be transferred to the person they need to speak to, not asked to hang up and call another number. Calls to our Member Services department never go to voicemail because if the people in Dallas are unavailable the call can roll to DeSoto, or Farmers Branch, or Longview, or Marshall.

When we opened a new office in Marshall it was quickly integrated into our interoffice phone system and voice mail. We also save on long distance costs as calls to/from Dallas and Longview/Marshall go out as local calls.