United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

Dan A − Director of Operations and Facilities Management

United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

AgilityCG has been one of our most important and reliable vendors for over seven years. We are currently planning major changes to our phone system and they are providing budget information and technical preparation for that move. They recently helped with a complicated (to us) circuit switch which was successfully completed with minimal disruption to our phone system. They also provide excellent, convenient and timely support as needed via their customer portal.

We identified Agility Communications as a potential vendor in 2009 when we were preparing to replace a Nortel PBX system with a VOIP system. The Nortel system was 10 years old and although it was functional we needed to update our entire communications system.

We developed an RFP for the new system and met with at least four local vendors to hear proposals on a new system. Agility Communications, Inc. was far and away the top choice when all factors were considered. The actual installation and cut-over were carefully planned over the course of several weeks and went flawlessly over a Friday and a couple of hours on a Saturday. For the almost five years since we adopted the system, Agility has been one of our top vendors when price, performance, reliability and customer service are considered. Their support staff has been exceptional.

The staff at Agility has also helped us with some specialized conferencing systems in specific needs meeting rooms. To date, Agility has been involved with at least four additional special upgrades/additions to our phone system. They have always been easy to schedule work, very price competitive, knowledgeable and efficient. Their user meetings are very helpful in keeping up with the latest trends in basic service and organizational communications.

We deal with scores of vendors in our IT and daily Building Operations and I can comfortably say that Agility Communications, Inc. is one of our top five vendors. We know we can rely on Agility to be there to meet our needs and we hope for a long and productive business relationship with them.